The Homos (my custom MOO2 race)

Mon, 07/19/2004 — Fasteriskhead

The Homos were originally engineered by the Antarans as an attempt to make a highly intelligent race of thinkers, philosophers, and scientists; to their surprise, however, all their creations ever wanted to do was suck dick like crazy. Dumped off on a backwater planet and left for dead (for the Antarans wanted nothing more to do with their gay ways), the Homos proved surprisingly resiliant considering their massive handicap of having to pound down a cock every few minutes. Rallying around their pink triangle flag, they now look up briefly from one another's crotches to gaze at the stars and wonder if, perhaps, there is anyone out there as faggy as them.


1/2 Food (-5)
-working in the fields would probably get their new outfits all dirty and grungy, and they have to go see the opera tonight.

-20 Ship Defense (-2)
-they are just way too busy choking down dongs to pay attention to their viewscreens.

-10 Ground Combat (-2)
-too fey and feminine to handle a rifle, also distracted etc.

Democracy (+7)
-it's a tough choice between this and a Unification government, but gay people are slightly funnier as squabbling girly men than mindless zombies wandering around groaning dongs... DONGS...

Cybernetic (+4)

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