WIZROBE: The Story Behind The Album Part 1

Wed, 12/02/2009 — Rev. Ragu

In 1989, Wizrobe released their most popular album to date, "Pussy Liquors & Fine Spirits." The album, widely known as a drastic departure from their EPIC FANTASY METAL roots, sent Wizrobe hurtling into the mainstream, the album eventually going triple platinum. Rather than the triumphal lyrics praising the deeds of the folkloric heroes of old and spinning fearful tales of the beasts that lurk on the edge of humanity's collective imagination, Wizrobe's new style was of the much more mainstream SEXY REACTION METAL (also must be capitalized). With the raunchy licks and erotically charged lyrics, Wizrobe found much wider appeal than merely blaring from parents' basements during all-night Dungeons & Dragons marathons.

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Mon, 10/02/2006 — Sak

On December 13th, 1998, Vernon Bathers, of Kingdom City, Missouri, had a vision. A vision that was primarily induced by the consumption of twenty USD worth of psylocybin and the inhalation of just under one ounce of marijuana.

"I was, uh -- man. Ha. Y'know, just sort of -- like, I'm not advocating this shit, man. You do what you gotta do, right? I'm just saying, 'Who are you to judge me?'"

On that cold December night, Bathers (profession: "Professional bachelor, man. Professional bachelor.") sketched out the preliminary designs (to notebook paper, with a graphing pencil) to what would go on to become, in modified form, a videogame smash success eight years later. The game that Bathers poured his heart and soul into for aproximately fourteen minutes? Sitar Hero.

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On The Varities of the Experience of Videogaming Humor

Sun, 09/05/2004 — Sak

The halcyon days of my youth -- I look back on them fondly. The summers spent fishing down by Baxter's Pond, the winter's time would best be put to use by cuddling up with a consort near the fireplace and reminiscing of foregone days. They were all unique, yet shared a common bond -- atop my dresser sat my Nintendo Entertainment System. O, siren! Let your magnetic sonority pervade my inner ear, and turn your the mathematics of vibration into the transcendental experience of the aesthetic! For rich is your tune, in a myriad of subsumptions! Lend me your voice, O, muse, and speak of the humor of the videogaming experience, that which makes Hermes laugh, that which enforces its queer ways upon poor Orpheus, loneliest of all souls!

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