Public Apology

Thu, 10/14/2004 — Fasteriskhead

Hi folks, uh, Fasterisk here. Look, I, uh... you're probably all wondering where the Katamari Damacy joke is. I mean come on it's been what, three weeks since this thing has come out, and we're clearly lagging way behind all the other gaming sites by not having an entry devoted to something along the lines of Hey! You roll over things and pick them up into a big ball! That's W E I R D !!

This is a great failure on our part. Now, it is in fact up there on the big white project board, written in bright green washable marker: right above "Man there is just TOO MUCH BLOOD in Mortal Kombat" and right below "Time Dominator is the HUGEST Sonic ripoff ever!!" there is the entry, "Katamari Damacy = FREAKY!!!" Though unfortunately circumstances have not allowed it, I do plan sometime in the future to write a hilarious entry presenting the most awesome aspects of the game with my own indication somewhere nearby of WOW HEY MAN THAT SHIT IS NOT NORMAL. In lieu of presenting such an entry now, which is beyond my ability, I offer an ANDORE JR COUPON that may be redeemed for a Katamari Damacy joke at some future time.

C L I P  A N D  S A V E ! ! !

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