Mon, 01/05/2009 — Sak

Mitsy was the belle of the ball as far as the residents of Newton, Idaho were concerned. She had it all: fast cars, faster men, and even faster cars than the fast cars that she already owned. That's right, Mitsy was on the fast track to success, but what she didn't know was that someone had secretly derailed that track, and silently replaced it with another track: the fast track to death.

Mitsy's twenty-third birthday was coming up, and Fenton Fox had bought her a ring. This was no ordinary ring, however. It was a ring that signified that he wished to be engaged to be married to her (eventually). If she said no, then, well, that was not exactly too cool in his book. He had bought the ring for her, so that she would know that he wanted to get married; not just to anyone, either, but to her. Fenton was walking up to Mitsy's door with the swagger of a man who was just about to ask someone to marry him; but then, all of the sudden, he was stabbed by a shadowy new wave punk rock character.

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