they keep this up for the whole game folks

Mon, 08/01/2005 — Fasteriskhead

"Are you saying that the American government is actually a front for an international conspiracy? Do you have any proof?"

"Yes, J.C., but not just the U.S.: we're talking here about a global organization whose roots in the new world stretch as far back as Magellan at the least. We have numerous eyewitness accounts of a number of giant men in red spotted wifebeaters assisting the colonists during the French and Indian War, and that's not even mentioning any number of photographs, all disavowed by the executive branch, of the same mysterious figures piledriving the planes of the luftwaffe."

"Armies have always required and used special operation forces to give themselves an edge. Even if they existed, that doesn't mean they have any kind of extragovernmental authority."

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