> Boldly Accept

Tue, 02/24/2009 — Rev. Ragu

Look at you, you pathetic creature. You've fooled everyone around you, but I know you better than that. In fact, in some not insignificant way, I am you. Your unflinching confidence, your easy charm, your soft shoulder to cry on - It's all a front, isn't it? They all wait patiently for you to have time for them, and they burst with giddiness when you do find time for them. They want to tell you their troubles, for you to lend them your ear and to encourage them and tell them exactly what they want to hear. But it's all bullshit, isn't it? You're just buttering them up. You're not in it out of concern or friendship or love, you're just in it for the social links.

You are a miserable little toad, the kind of person who schmoozes at office parties, never has too much to drink, always has the best clothes and perfect hair, tells everyone that their ideas are great, that yes, their boss really doesn't have a goddamned clue while simultaneously telling the boss that you just wouldn't know what to do without his guidance. Your girlfriend is out there, totally unaware that you're fucking the secretary in the restroom - you're going to dump her anyway, the secretary has much better tits. You've got your eye on that cutie in accounting, too - she might be worth a shot. You're just going to keep climbing that ladder, and those rare individuals who can see through your bullshit will expect you to fall one day. But you never will, because you've got this whole goddamn thing figured out. You're a shapeshifter, a chameleon - no one who matters will ever notice that you crawl on your belly in the fucking shit and dirt.

You don't care that Kenji is really serious about his teacher and not just after some kind of ludicrous porno fantasy. Fuck him. Kazushi made some lame promise to his cousin or brother or love child or whatever and is going to lose his ability to race because of a bum knee? God, who the fuck even cares? Everyone is after Chihiro because they think she stole a bunch of money from student council? Let the bitch burn, you don't give a shit. Fuuka can't cook? Yukari has some daddy issues? Boo hoo, maybe you should tell someone who gives the remotest iota of a fuck. You're juggling all these people and all their histrionics and you couldn't care less. Their self-appraisement and resolution is merely the key to creating the world's pantheons of deities and demons out of the pit of your soul; of which it is debatable whether you even have one or not, having made yourself into some kind of human fun-house mirror; one which makes everyone look thin and lovely, except that it's all lies and all they did was pay a disgusting carnie for the privilege of seeing some cartoonish idealization of themselves.

Oh, I'm not saying that the sex isn't good. Hell, that's half the reason you're juggling six girls' affections. You've had a lot of "special moments" this year, haven't you? Butter 'em up and boldly accept, baby. Come to think of it, you haven't been hearing a whole lot about these girls having any sort of "monthly difficulties". Maybe it's just this Dark Hour thing that's doing it. Or maybe...? Hell, you're just going to disappear; whatever happens doesn't make a difference to you.

You build 'em up and knock 'em down. You've left a trail of betrayal and brokenness and unwed mothers in your wake. You're an animal, a slavering beast, a monster. Whatever it is that you're fighting against, you're worse - A soulless, solipsistic, sociopathic manipulator. It may be cliche, but death is too good for you. But you know what? Everyone you've just fucked over and ruined will be the first ones to rush to your aid when you fall - it's ironic, isn't it? Your deception is complete.

Go on and Boldly Accept, you miserable incubus, and thank God that you will never get what you deserve.

A Hipster's Commentary on the State of Videogames

Sun, 10/17/2004 — Sak

Uh, yeah, of course I've heard of San Andreas. Psh. Yeah, I've had an advance copy for, what now, Enrique? Two months, yeah? Yeah, it's okay. A little passé, if I do say so myself. I mean the whole non-linear thing was played out by, what? Final Fantasy VI? Oh, you didn't know that Final Fantasy VI was released here as Final Fantasy III? Heh, okay.

Well of-fucking-course I've played Katamari Damacy, what do you take me for? A dude not on top of his shit? Yeah, it was... okay, I mean. Yeah. Seems like it's trying a little too hard, y'know? I mean, that whole ball-rolling thing? I guess if you're into that you'd be into, y'know, Deathcab for Cutie or something; really played out, y'know?

This shirt? Yeah, it's an actual promotional t-shirt for SeTa's The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Its small size is perfect for my emaciated figure. Totally out of print. So what am I playing lately? Probably some games you've never heard of, y'know. This one game completely combines the pathos of Ghosts 'n' Goblins with the intense viscosity of Super Castlevania IV; it's called Tiddleywinks.

You haven't heard of it?

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