A Paean to Ace Ebb

Wed, 01/28/2009 — Rev. Ragu

Great players come and go, but true masters must be treasured; for they are but a speck of sand in a sea of mediocrity. In 1989 we were introduced to such a master - a Nintendo Master. Not so much a player as he was an artist; in the ease and confident grace he strode through worlds three steps at a time, it was something akin to a ballet performance, poetry in motion. He was Ace Ebb, Nintendo Master, conqueror of worlds, the man with the custom NES Advantage.

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The Origins of Andore Jr.

Wed, 12/31/2008 — Rev. Ragu

~Gather 'round people, let me tell you a story
About a web site that was known as Andor..y~

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Tue, 03/28/2006 — Brooke

Alright. We all know very well that this is a videogame specific website and in no way plan on turning the old battleship into Ecchi-Attack 2: Electric Boogaloo, as fun as that might be. However, the matter at hand is so vitally important to every reader – nay, to mankind itself – I would be grossly mistreating each and every one of you if I didn’t let you know of this vitally urgent mission straight off the bat.


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Sonic Team Image Song #1: Angels With Burning Hearts

Thu, 08/05/2004 — Bloiffy

Sega's Sonic Team are reknowned for their games with lightning-fast, intuitive gameplay. Or at least they used to be before they started churning out shite. Billy Hatcher and the Giant Fucking Pile Of Crap? Sonic And Tails and Knuckles and Rouge and Eggman's Tedious Fucking Crap Adventure 2: The Search for Mad Dog's Gold? No thanks. Well, at least their vocal songs have been of the same continuous quality ever since they started adding these pieces of poetic art to their games, as indexed here for all time. Enjoy!!

Burning Rangers - Angels With Burning Hearts

Glow of past we deliver to the future-land
For the growing world of tomorrow we strive
Passing through the matrix of data
Driving you into the cyber dive

Even when you are lost in darkness
You must believe in tomorrow, it will come
Just like angels with burning hearts
We'll face the risk of lives

Sight of night I cheer to embrace the magic
Visions displayed on the monitors
Can you see the moon and the stars and the sun?
Could they be in our imagination?

Sight of night I cheer to embrace the magic
Starting an adventure for our future
We are all hoping for
Setting out to lead us to new the universe

Burning Rangers! To the brand new sky we dive

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A plea from our heart to our gentle readers.

Mon, 07/19/2004 — Bloiffy

Does anyone remember the world-famous Sega CD CLASSIC known only as Night Trap? What I so desperately am desireous of is an mp3/movie clip of the revered karaoke scene, in which one of the many femme fatales sings the catchy and hip Theme From Night Trap. You see, this song utilises some of the eldritch harmonics of the universe and might actually lead to cures for AIDS, cancer and possibly also death, whilst also breaking down the barriers that separate the human heart and bringing us true elysium. A refresher of the genius lyrics:

Love is easy by the light of day,
You get the boys to play away.
But come sundown when darkness falls,
Passion burns, the danger calls.
So girls go out only if you dare,
You better be good,
You better beware!

Night trap!
Bad guys will find you!
Night trap!
Watch out behind you!
Night trap!

You'll be caught in the night...
In the night trap!

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