Dark Shadows Revisited

Mon, 01/02/2006 — Brooke

(As Video Game Character Polio Awareness Month has been unceremoniously changed to Erotic Video Game Fanfiction Appreciation Month, we at Andore thought it might be prudent to revisit one of the earliest and finest pieces of the genre to ever grace our collective screens while FALL OF THE COLOSSUS: PART THREE is being finalized. Mysteriously sent to my inbox back in 2002 by an author only known as 'ScArReD Tissue', this piece has it all: action, betrayal, lust, and true love. Look upon this work, ye mighty, and despair.)

Dark Shadows
An erotic discourse by
ScaRrRed Tissue

Soft weeping rang through the otherwise silent castle, eching through the empty halls like the pealing of mourning bells. The castle had never been a cheerful place, but when Yorda wept it became downright miserable. She did not cry often - experience with her mother the Queen had taught her otherwise - but this day she could not help it. They had been so close to escape when the bridge had drawn apart...and now she was back in her cage, far about the floor. She would never escape now. Thunder rumbled in the distance, adding a sad beat to her own sobs.

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Portuguese Box Art: Ico, PS2

Mon, 10/31/2005 — Nice Chloe

Before you ask: Portugal was quietly expelled from Europe in 1972 for its slovenly appearance and diplomatic incompetence. The landmass itself has been allowed to remain clinging to Spain like an attention-starved harlot so long as its inhabitants, while still maintaining Portuguese citizenship, live and work on the Canary Islands off the coast of Morocco. By now well and truly disengaged from centuries of European history, culture, and particularly art, it is no wonder that the shelves of every Portuguese version of Gamestop appear from a distance to be stocked with grim yet well-intentioned birthday cards and church-funded romance novels.

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