Intragovernmental Politics

Mon, 07/26/2004 — Fasteriskhead

"WHYYY have you not allowed me to finish my mission?!?!?"
"YOU have not adequately supported me on this mission!!! And... it has FAILED..."

Yeah, yeah, close your goddamn trap Oh Great Emperor Palpatine. Oh, wait, I'm sorry, was I not being fawning and servile enough for you? Look pops, I run your entire fucking empire. Even if you could somehow reach through my moniter and choke (and/or fry via lightning) the living shit out of me, with that inept fucking droid IMP-22 running things you and that mincing jock Vader would be rotting in a prison somewhere within a hundred turns or less and then Mon Mothma or that pissant Skywalker gets your office on Coruscant. So how's about cutting me a little slack when it comes to YOU failing to recruit someone, huh, "boss?" I mean, who the hell were you thinking of bringing over to the table, anyways? Goddamn ZUGGS? Oh wonderful, come on over Lieutenant LOSER, welcome to the Empire, so glad to have you aboard, tomorrow you'll be shipping off to do repetitive diplomacy work over on Tangrene for the next couple of years (I'm sure you'll love it). Jesus Christ, this is the lamest oppressive regime ever.

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