Excerpts from Andy Bogard's Dream Diary

Thu, 08/12/2004 — Fasteriskhead

"Jul. 29: Me and Terry and Joe were on vacation and heading along a highway somewhere (in Terry's '97 4Runner). Joe had been driving for awhile but then I realized that I didn't know what town we were in, but I didn't want to ask them where we were so I just played it cool and asked Joe to pull over at the next exit to get some Wendy's. My speech was all slurred (had I been drinking?) but still everyone was pretty cool with this and Joe pulled onto the next on-ramp. The town we got into was pretty normal-looking, lots of friendly people on the sidewalks waved at us, they looked pretty surprised that we had an SUV. For some reason we completely forget about the food (I didn't find out where we were either) and we just kind of hung out in the town for awhile. We found a theater and watched Spiderman 2 again and afterwards Terry complained that the scene where Spidey gets all passed along on top of a crowd looked way cheesy, and Joe was really pissed when he said this (so I think he must have liked the movie a lot). Then we realized it was really late, so we went looking for a hotel and picked the first one we found. Mai was working part-time there, only she looked younger than normal and was being a total bitch and I kind of cussed her out after we got a room.

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