Thu, 02/26/2009 — Fasteriskhead

"No, no. Look, I think you're misunderstanding Hegel's point here. It's not just that we can just suddenly break through these kinds of limitations all willy-nilly. That's not what's going on. The thing is, in the very moment we understand such a limit as a limit we already step beyond it, having also posited what's on the other side. So we've already gone where we thought we couldn't go. Hegel's point isn't that doing this develops something completely new. Instead, you can only understand this sort of overstepping of the boundary if the overstepping being and the boundary overstepped are already spirit."

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Temping at Lord Bafford's

Fri, 10/01/2004 — Fasteriskhead

Man, this is just great. Here I am, a B.A. in English Lit who wrote a paper applying Derrida-derived post-structuralism to Milton for my senior seminar, and what am I two years out of college? A guard working in some dumb fucking castle protecting some rich nobleman's stupid priceless scepter. Meanwhile I bet my asshole first year roommate (what was his name? Henry? Harold? CHRIST IT DOESN'T EVEN MATTER), who opted for the business school, is probably off somewhere making six figures in bonuses alone and blowing it all snorting coke off of naked interns. There's no fucking justice at all.... I mean, HELLO?? Does that shithead Bafford even KNOW that he's trapped in a Humanist Empiricist-Idealist conceptualization of the cosmos? Nooo, of course not, because if he was then maybe he'd give me more than like two seconds for my goddamned smoke breaks.

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