Games That Never Were, Entry #141.15

Tue, 08/24/2004 — Tome

Synopsis: Utilizing his high-tech sneaking suit and communicator compromised out of Currently-Existing Technology, Milton sets upon a mission to infiltrate the Initech compound. Can he rescue his Swingline before the fiendish Bill Lumbergh discovers his presence?

Fate - After eighteen months of development, this destined-to-be-cult-favorite game was shelved when Sony began its multimillion-dollar multimedia advertising blitz for the upcoming Playstation 2. Konami's Ultra Games development team, having already garnered success with Metal Gear Solid - V.R. Missions and Metal Gear Solid - Integral, Ultra set about creating a new game set within the universe created for the cult-classic film Office Space, starring the mousy, paranoid software engineer Milton Waddams. Unfortunately, Konami decided that they did not wish to spend the fifteen extra dollars to port this would-be classic to the new-and-exciting Playstation 2. Gamers are left wondering what could have been.

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