Samus Aran = Schenkerian Analysis?

Thu, 07/22/2004 — Fasteriskhead

The Metroid item collection music, a brief little fanfare that plays every time Samus picks up something of note, is a surprisingly ambiguous piece considering how short it is. The entire score is as follows:

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Konami Teaches Twentieth Century Music Theory

Wed, 07/14/2004 — Fasteriskhead

The level design of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night uses two possible row forms. They include:


Retrograde Inversion:

Both are at pitch level 0. Other possible row forms would have been:



All the prime overtones up to and including 31.

Sun, 07/11/2004 — Fasteriskhead

Hello there, you might know me from other websites as MR. ELITIST FUCKHEAD, however Pete, being the type of person that he is, keeps giving me new nicknames. First was the wonderous FASTERISKHEAD, (abbreviated to F*HEAD), next up was the possibly even more brilliant FSHARPHEAD (abbr. F#HEAD, oddly enough one of my least-favorite keys), and finally just recently he unveiled the radical and still experimental Eazy-F. We're still not entirely sure it won't kill us all, which is why I'm sticking to the proven, tried and true fasteriskhead for this circle jerk over M. Andore Jr. (esq.) here.

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