Boggy '84's Big Date

Fri, 08/27/2004 — Sak

Uh, yeah. I, uh --- I had a good time tonight. My number? Oh, uh, listen I -- you know how the city has been integrating that new area code system in? Yeah, well they changed my number and -- (sigh) listen. Things just didn't -- they didn't pan out the way they should've. I'm a geometrically awkward thief with a cleft chin, humongous nose, comically crossed eyes, and a hilarious felt hat that refuses to stay atop my noggin, and you're a -- well, you're a monkey.

It's not that, it -- it's not the species thing. Well it's not just the species thing. That whole pogo trick is great, but Christ, you were doing it all night; I mean you knew you'd be getting attention all Goddamn night. Those fellows in the blue and yellow suits are still following us! Look! Listen, I just -- I need to go. As soon as I find my unnecessarily large car key on this gigantic ring, I'm outta here.

This also might not be the right time to tell you this but I believe the person who drew us might be retarded.

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