On The Varities of the Experience of Videogaming Humor

Sun, 09/05/2004 — Sak

The halcyon days of my youth -- I look back on them fondly. The summers spent fishing down by Baxter's Pond, the winter's time would best be put to use by cuddling up with a consort near the fireplace and reminiscing of foregone days. They were all unique, yet shared a common bond -- atop my dresser sat my Nintendo Entertainment System. O, siren! Let your magnetic sonority pervade my inner ear, and turn your the mathematics of vibration into the transcendental experience of the aesthetic! For rich is your tune, in a myriad of subsumptions! Lend me your voice, O, muse, and speak of the humor of the videogaming experience, that which makes Hermes laugh, that which enforces its queer ways upon poor Orpheus, loneliest of all souls!

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