Bokosuka Theology

Mon, 12/06/2004 — Fasteriskhead

In our lives we begin to have some sense of the possibility of a universal milieu that, for lack of a better name, we might term "Bokosuka Wars." But how, one wonders, shall we move from this initial abstracted perception of what could be to a radical coming forth of "Bokosukaness" in our very lives? The problem must be approached from two directions.

We begin from the assumption of Bokosuka Wars as an omnipresent sphere of unity that is everywhere and composes all things. We are, all of us, both the White Knight and the purple soldier that only moves horizontally. Initially we rebel against the idea of the all-encompassing universal power of Bokosuka Wars; ironically, recognizing the very ubiquitousness of our subject tempts us to drift towards nihilism! We begin to ask ourselves, Well, if that's true, what's the point? If everything I do, and moreover everything I could ever possibly do, exists within the span of "Bokosukaness," then where exists any difference in the world? Does it matter, ultimately, whether I am confronted by "Wow! You lose!" or "Bravo! You win!"? In the first, what have I lost? In the second, what have I gained?

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