This Week's Deadly Games Question For Discussion

Sat, 10/02/2004 — Fasteriskhead

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QUESTION FOR 10/03/04:

In the heart-tearing Episode 4 (prod. #104), we finally discover that the real-life model for arch-villain The Jackel is in fact Gus' father. Gus has programmed into this video game character a desire to attack family-associated areas, including parks and maternity wards; only through an autographed baseball (symbolizing family togetherness) can Gus, the "Cold-Steel Kid," be victorious and put The Jackal back into the computer world where he belongs (Gus also encounters his real-life father, which may be Christopher Lloyd's finest moment as an actor).

How does Gus' anger at his father, and subsequent projection of the worst parts of him into his video game as The Jackel, relate to your relationship with your OWN parents? What lesson do you think we can gain from Gus' mistakes and eventual redemption?

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