A Message From Andore Jr.

Sun, 08/29/2004 — Fasteriskhead

You might need to hear this, so here's the deal.

Most people you know believe that you are a pretty decent person overall, and would not mind hanging out with you in the slightest. Despite what you may think, dudes who see you in the street do not take one glance at your appearance and conclude that you are a loser going nowhere, as they are all too concerned about being judged themselves to force serious criticism upon you; in fact, good odds say that someone of your preferred gender may even take a lengthy glimpse at your ass while you are not paying attention.

You know all that stuff you are worrying about right now? It's probably nothing, and more than likely you will get through it just fine. Lots of folks have the same doubts about themselves and the world that you do, so they will almost certainly be sympathetic to your situation (though they may not like hearing about it because you remind them too much of themselves). Your choice of music, clothes, movies, foods, and all other consumer items are well within acceptable social norms, and for the most part there is no freelance shame squad wandering around looking to insult you for what you like.

Keep your head up, kiddo. Things will work out, though maybe not the way you plan them to; much like your first college roommate, the cosmos likes to get drunk and fuck with you, but only because it thinks you are a pretty cool muchacho and it wants you to loosen up some.


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