A Wacky Week Of The Sims 2!!!

Fri, 09/24/2004 — Fasteriskhead

(excerpted from second page)

After having given Queequeg Ganesha a while to adjust to his new surroundings, I decided the time was ripe to START A-KILLIN'!!! Notice how I have walled this guy in so that he can't get out, and he starves to death! And when he dies, DEATH HIMSELF actually shows up to take his life! And then his ghost haunts Ganesha's house afterwards! And... and... oh my god. I'm fucking pulling forth easily-observed humorous events from a video game in a way that was already done days ago in a far funnier fashion on a site that's actually devoted to gaming, and I'm presenting the sum as a work of comedy. I... jesus. What the fuck am I even doing with my life? Do people actually even READ this crap before they click on the dumb banner ad up there and kick us a few cents? Does anyone really give two shits about my concerted efforts to churn pages and pages of this stuff out on a weekly basis, or do they just mechanically click on the favorite tab every day and run their eyes over the stupid words? Fucking Christ, why do I even bother.

And uh, here's some screencaps of Ganesha with some wacky symbols in dialogue bubbles that I thought would be funny, but I mean... look, I don't know. I don't even know anymore. Just... Christ, just stop reading and go post some ironic pictures in the forums or something, I don't care. At least I've got a steady income and I'm not out of a job, but seriously: the minute my paycheck gets here on Friday I'm going to buy the hardest drink I can possibly afford. Lord knows I need it.


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