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Sat, 10/16/2004 — Fasteriskhead

>> On 02/11/92 wrote:
>>> On 02/09/92 wrote:
>>>> Dave, can you send me whatever info you have on this "Ghallager's
>>>> (sp?) Gallery" game we're supposed to be developing? Supposedly I
>>>> approved this awhile ago, but for some reason I can't remember
>>>> signing off on it. Actually, this is really the first I've even
>>>> HEARD of the thing as far as I can recall.
>>>> Thanks
>>> Hey,
>>> This includes an attachment of most of the development info; it
>>> should be enough to help you out, but if you want we can set up a
>>> demo station of GG for you to come down and play. Frankly I
>>> wouldn't recommend it (we've had a pretty high turnaround for
>>> testers, seems they can't tolerate the thing for more than a few
>>> minutes without getting headaches and nausea; some kind of problem
>>> with the display settings?) but it shouldn't be a problem if
>>> you've got your mind set on it. It says you approved this thing
>>> on the 21st of last April, although apparently I wasn't there for
>>> the presentation. Odd, usuallyI would have been around for
>>> something that important.
>>> -David
>> Dave:
>> A lot of the stuff you sent me is troubling to say the least, but
>> the worst part is that I wasn't even here the last half of
>> April last year
. I was in Italy, at the Giovanni Gabrieli
>> convention (if you remember, I was bothering everyone about
>> antiphonal singing all through most of May). Clearly something
>> fishy is going on.
>> The game itself, though I took your advice and avoided actually
>> playing it, looks suspect to say the least. If I'm reading this
>> correctly, you're supposed to follow around an aging, mustachiod
>> ex-hippie man-child and shoot at whatever he wants exploded; this
>> is, to say the least, something I would not normally find
>> appealing. If I only just barely approved Space Pirates, I don't
>> see how Gallagher's Gallery could in any way fit into American
>> Laser Games' business plan. Please figure out what's going on.
> I looked into this further, and it gets worse: the person who
> supposedly "pitched" the project to you, one "George Allagherson,"
> doesn't currently work at our company and, apparently, NEVER DID. I
> had just assumed he was in another department, but after checking
> with the various heads it turns out no one's heard of him. Searching
> even further, Mr. Allagherson seems to have been the major driving
> force for this entire project; his names are on half the memos, but
> as far as I can tell he never even existed.
> This looks very bad. If it was up to me, I think I'd pull the plug
> on this ASAP.
> -David


I've been talking with the bean counters since yesterday about this;
christ, this game has been a money sink. You could run a small country
on the funds it's been eating away, the sum is just astronomical. At
this point it's so close to completion and has been so expensive that
it would probably be wiser to just fix whatever we can, release the
thing, and dig ourselves out of the red a little than to cancel the
thing outright (which would be preferable ideally but just isn't
possible money-wise). Whoever this "Allagherson" person is, he's done
irreperable damage to the company, and we'll probably never catch him.
Our only hope is if we can get Crime Patrol completed on time; it's a
risky move, but if we succeed it will change the entire industry.

If anything else goes wrong, though, god help us all.


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