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Sun, 07/11/2004 — Fasteriskhead

Hello there, you might know me from other websites as MR. ELITIST FUCKHEAD, however Pete, being the type of person that he is, keeps giving me new nicknames. First was the wonderous FASTERISKHEAD, (abbreviated to F*HEAD), next up was the possibly even more brilliant FSHARPHEAD (abbr. F#HEAD, oddly enough one of my least-favorite keys), and finally just recently he unveiled the radical and still experimental Eazy-F. We're still not entirely sure it won't kill us all, which is why I'm sticking to the proven, tried and true fasteriskhead for this circle jerk over M. Andore Jr. (esq.) here.

The hidden power I add to the team is an appreciation for godawful, unlistenably intellectual music. In fact, during the first two episodes of the series I was a supervillain, and using my criminal genius I had spirited myself away to a hideout deep underneath New York 20XX, where I was intent on having my revenge on the society that had spurned me by creating a perfect, entirely new kind of music from the Moon Theme of the NES Ducktales game. I drew upon the latest in technological advances to include tone rows never before witnessed by the human ear, combinatorial and palindromic in at least twenty ways, and also I drew upon the olden arcane knowledge of Ptolemy to create new tunings that would shatter the listener upon the knowledge that he was hearing, at long last, a perfectly-tuned 13/7 major seventh. To my horror, however, the Ducktales Moon Theme escaped from my lab in the night and ravaged its way through much of New York 20XX, where it was finally stopped by Sak, Pete, and Ragu. Though I had made my creation to be perfect in every way, it was eventually (and, I now see, inevitably) defeated by the strength of their pure-hearted punk rocking, for science has no power to compare with the human soul.

So now I try to repay society for my crime, using my genius brain to assist Team Andore Jr. wherever I can. And as long as I'm here, why not study this mysterious and powerful "Punk" of theirs? If it could defeat my Ducktales Moon Theme, then who knows what else it might do........!


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