Bokosuka Wars Awareness Month

Fri, 12/03/2004 — Sak

A Very Special Andore Announcement


We're amidst the holiday season; lights strewn up about the houses, transforming them into palaces of light, the snow both incadescent and transcendent, covering the loam of the Midwest like a beautiful white blanket. The holiday season, regardless of your religious orientation, is a wonderful time of the year to be thankful and reciprocate good will the world 'round.

However, the rate of suicides grows exponentially during the holidays, children in third world countries will never know the joys of unwrapping a gift come the 25th, even the unadopted animal population suffers during the harsh winter weather of December. Andore JR. is not a site that is equipped to deal with such problems, we realize this. We are, however, prepared to make a stand on a very important issue that every member of the Andore staff feels strongly about.

December 2004 is the first annual Bokosuka Wars awareness month. Bokosuka Wars was originally released in the year of 1984 by ASCII on the MSX gaming platform in Japan. The game has been described by acclaimed videogame scholar Rev. Brandon Ragu as "tactical tree attacking action," yet many people - of all ages, gender, and race - have either been unable to play the game or are confused by its largely complex gameplay.

We are asking gamers with websites to please promote Bokosuka Wars awareness throughout the month of December without linking back to Andore, we do not want debase Bokosuka Wars Awareness Month to a cheap "hit getting" scheme. Feel free to use the banner that our very own Nice Pete has created. Expect Bokosuka Wars hints, tips, and updates throughout the month of December courtesy friendly Andore JR. staff!

Thank you and Bokosuka bless,


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