The Cost Of Moving On (w/bonus: Boxing Up Bullies)

Wed, 08/18/2004 — Fasteriskhead

i folks, F-head here. Look, I... I've got nothing. None of us do, I think. RUSH 'N ATTACK is one of the most important works of our age, an artistic and philosophical watershed, and all of us are faced with a profound loss in bumping it from the top of the queue. Let's face it: in a truly just world RUSH 'N ATTACK would be at the top of not just Andore Jr. but also every other page on the internet for all of eternity; In the year 20XX, fathers should induct their sons into adulthood by placing a pair of unwieldy (BUT FUTURISTIC) VR goggles over their heads and introducing them to the internet and RUSH 'N ATTACK, and when the little tyke asks, Daddy what is that naked man doing and who is Neil Peart, the father will smile knowingly and tell his boy all about the joys of falling in love, building a family, holding to the sanctity of the individual human being vis a vis unnatural control by governmental institutions, and so forth. But sadly, we instead live in a world of constant flux, eternal uncertainty, and the ever-approaching shade of Death, and so Andore Jr. must be updated again one of these days. I guess I'm taking the bullet this time, yet I'm too shocked by the enormity of my transgression (necessary though it may be) to actually come up with something creative or funny. So uh, in lieu of such, please enjoy this segment of the arcade flyer from Bubble Bobble which is pretty much pure joy.

(TRIVIA!! total # of words beginning with b in first paragraph: 47)


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