Dark Shadows Revisited

Mon, 01/02/2006 — Brooke

(As Video Game Character Polio Awareness Month has been unceremoniously changed to Erotic Video Game Fanfiction Appreciation Month, we at Andore thought it might be prudent to revisit one of the earliest and finest pieces of the genre to ever grace our collective screens while FALL OF THE COLOSSUS: PART THREE is being finalized. Mysteriously sent to my inbox back in 2002 by an author only known as 'ScArReD Tissue', this piece has it all: action, betrayal, lust, and true love. Look upon this work, ye mighty, and despair.)

Dark Shadows
An erotic discourse by
ScaRrRed Tissue

Soft weeping rang through the otherwise silent castle, eching through the empty halls like the pealing of mourning bells. The castle had never been a cheerful place, but when Yorda wept it became downright miserable. She did not cry often - experience with her mother the Queen had taught her otherwise - but this day she could not help it. They had been so close to escape when the bridge had drawn apart...and now she was back in her cage, far about the floor. She would never escape now. Thunder rumbled in the distance, adding a sad beat to her own sobs.

The familliar sound of a gateway opening hummed through the darkness. Yorda gasped in fear as the shadow demons emerged from their onyx portal to the netherworld, instinctively recoiling against the brass bars of her cage. What could they want with her NOW? Ico was most probably dead, she had been effectively re-captured and returned to her cell... Why would her mother have sent them back to torment her?

A dark voice rang through her head, heavily accented and low. A woman's voice.

Her 'mother.'

"I told you not to follow that horned boy, daughter, but you wouldn't listen. Now you must be...punished for your inpertinance. I hope you learn something from this."

Yorda did not have time to comprehend her mother's words though, as two shadow demons rushed from the gaping black hole and proceeded to tackle her to the floor. The etheral girl, her little strength already sapped from the strain of opening the front gates, could do no more than struggle and cry out in her weak, birdlike voice.


But they did not listen, nor answer.

Two more of the demons issued out of the black maw, one pinning her ankles together while the other pried her shining thighs apart. Fear and confusion raged through her misted mind. Why did they want to do that? The only purpose the shadow demons served was guardianship of her and the castle...right?

Several more spider wraiths scurried forward, followed by a hulking man-sized horned demon shadow. Then the portal closed, to Yorda's blessed momentary relief. Her reprive was short-lived, however, when the largest demon ripped a clawed vestige down the front of her already flimsy dress, leaving it ripped and tattered. Pert pink nipples afixed to small but glowing breasts now poked through the garment, although Yorda did not notice. Shame was a distant concept to the girl, but she would soon learn all about it.

The girl cried out in fear as the demon once again raked its gigantic shadow-claw across her gown, ripping the bottom half apart as well. Now almost completly naked, Yorda cried out to her mother to come help, in desperation. She knew there would be no answer, but she did it anyway, and was greeted only with silence and the jeers of the assorted shadows pinning her down.

The biggest demon, who seemed to be the one in command of all the others, looked down at her naked form pinned to the floor by its consorts and licked what would have been its lips with a blackened tongue. After all the trouble the girl had put them through, this would be sweet indeed.

Yorda watched in growing confusion as an enormous phallus-shaped plume of smoke issued from what would have been the shadow's groinal area. She had never seen any sort of penis before, so she blessedly did not know what was in store for her ahead. What would he do with it? Would he strike her with it, as Ico had struck them with the sword? What was going to happen?

The tentacle of smoke wound it's way up her shimmering legs, past her naked thighs, and deftly began to explore her most sacred no-no areas. One of the spider-demons parted her woman-cleft for the phalli, and the horned smoke creature gave Yorda one more evil grin before plunging his shadow-stick deep into her dark portal.

The elven young woman had been afraid at first; now she was just terrified, both by the unknown action being performed upon her person, and the realization that she ....might actually be ENJOYING it.

And Yorda knew, for the first time, teh emotion of shame.

The smoke tentacle throbbed mightily, changing shape and length within her sea cave at will. It drove in and out of her moist cleft amazingly fast, giving her a pleasure and a shame she had never known possible before this day. If she had glown before, she was positvely radiant now, shiining liek the light of a thousand suns.

The girl whimpered and groaned, both trying to get away and shackled by her unchained desire, repressed all these seventeen years. Her own cum dribbled out and pooled on the floor beneath them, bright as firefly juice. As the thrusts came faster - no matter how she tried to spress it - she began to organism.

It's kiling me but I LOVE IT!

%&^*&$*!!! (Oh ICO!!) She cried, finally cumming unabashedly. The light that radiated from her pussywillow flashed so brightly that Ico, running along the cliffside towards the castle, thought it was a bolt of lightening.

As the haze of her orgasm passed, shame finally settled onto Yorda's heart. How could she have enjoyed that? That..that thing had invaded her body, including the spots she somehow knew she had to keep private. Tears began to leak down her cheeks. Not only that, but she appeared to be bleeding from her girl-gash. Frightened and terrified, she struggled even more against her captors, only to be brutally slapped across the face by a smoky claw. The demons weren't finished with her yet, oh no.

The horned demon, not finished quite yet, thrust his bulging smoke-package into the girl's tender plum-coloured lips, forcing her to take his brackish cock in her mouth before she could utter a garbled word. Her mother's voice rang out once again, and Yorda realized she had been watching all this time. Pure unadulterated shame and revulsion ran through the innocent's blood.

"Suck it, you ungrateful bitch."

Yorda had no choice but to do as her mother told. The shadow monstar's phallus tasted like tar and smoke, and narly made her gag. She sucked as hard as she could however, and the moster goraned in pleasure, delighting in the feel of the delicate mouth wrapped around his tar-stick.

As the lead demon was orally pleasured by Yorda, the spider wraiths decided they wanted in on teh action too!! Several of the smaller creatures stuck probing legs into her smoulding hole of eternal pulsating gyrating esctasy, and Yorda managed to emit a garbled scream of fear from around the horned shadow's love stick. She struggled with all her meager strength to escape the wraiths violation, to no avail.

The spider wraiths continued raping, the horned shadow king continued to be pleasured, and Yorda continued to suck it. Eventually the demon shot off a load of steaming hot shadow cum, black as tar. Tears, blood, and demon-semon ran down her cheeks and chin, mixing and sizzling as they hit the ground.

The demon sex pleasure Yorda rape orgy went on long into the night. Teh end.


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