The Fall of the Colossus - Chapter 2

Sun, 01/01/2006 — Bloiffy

Wander's feet felt like lead, his head was dead, filled with bread. He pulled himself forward, step by step, his huge muscular legs, like slender treetrunks, propelled by the Power of Love. Another few paces and he'd be atop the flight of stairs leading into the shrine, and his lover, his onee-sama, his angel-tenshi-princess... she would be among the living once more.

Atop the stairs, he heard the delicate whinny of his own dear Aggro. He began to call out to his steed, until his eyes fell upon the pedestal on which Mono, his own dear love, had been laid.

What in Dormin's name is this?

There, writhing in shameful, painful, maneful esctasy, was Mono. She had awoken!! The spell was broken!! Her clothes were ... soakin'?

Soaken, like Wander's had been with the blackened, tangy black blood of boundless colossi brethren.

Soaking ... with betrayal.

Betrayal and horse semen.

Wander's delicate features seized in disgust and slight arousal at the shocking, mocking, rocking, horse cockin' tableau before him. Mono was awake, yes, but she was not alone. There, blissfully unaware of his presents, was Agro, his mighty sword buried balls-deep in the girl Wander had fought so hard to recover. KYAAAAAAAAH, betrayal!!! Finally, Agro's secret Colossus was revealed. It might be hiding deep in Mono's virgin slit as Agro, with one horsey hoof, mangled her tits, but oh, it was there. The black steed neighed loudly as Mono squeezed around his mighty stallionhood.

"Agro, I..." he brought some of the delicious lizard flesh he had caught earlier in the day back up into his mouth, "I don't understand." One hand sought inside the folds of his cape and fingered the string of beads that hung there. "I thought you were MY soeur! I GAVE YOU MY ROSARY!!!" he screamed. Apparently oblivious, Agro continued his pounding like a Texas oil derrick, throwing Mono's body around like a plush little fuck toy. (FIND THE TERM FOR THAT CREEPY MASK-FACED COSPLAY PORN)

"I... I have to stop this," Wander realised, dark tentacles of hate and rage and betrayal lancing though his soul. At once he knew what he had to do. He took the spoiled rosary in his clasped hands and fell to one knee. "By the Eyes of the Virgin Mary, this gives me the power to USE time! SECRET SEVENTEENTH COLOSSUS WALKTHROUGH FAQ REMINISCENCE MODE! I place this rosary... cross down!" It glowed. "I only hope my grip meter is strong enough to hold on as I use this," he thought to himself.

It was some hours ago. Agro, growing tired of waiting for his sempai to return from engorging the 16th Colossus Kristinos Angelika, made his way back to the Temple of Dormin. He moved stealthily, but for what reason? Wander was about to find out.

Agro slowly made his way up the stairs and into the interior of the temple. Warily he approached the pedestal where Mono, his secret, frequent, piquent, freaklit lover, lay still and unmoving. Agro looked long and hard at the body of the girl below him. It had been a long time, almost as long as the 47 inches of hard, horny, erect horse penis that presented itself now, swelling in arousal at the smell of Mono's untouched maidenhood inches away. Should he? Would he? Could he?? Agro's emotion engire roared into life like a lonely colossos of the loins.

Shiftily he glanced left, then right. With one smooth movement, Agro's forehoofs landed on the pedestal as he mounted it, and the woman atop it.

And then she awoke, and for the first time Mono knew... teh emotion of shame.


The sound of her pleasure/pain rocked Wanderer's world, refraining through the hallowed hall.


Even in Reminiscence Mode, Wanderer could feel the Earth move.


Mono's birth-cry, the first word that she uttered upon her resurrection, was none other than the familiar cry of a woman being fucked by a horse.

Wanderer's head was purple with rage. He remembered when he had first given Aggro his rosary, holding the beads wide apart for his huge horse-friend. He remembered the bliss of Aggro's insertion. And now it all meant nothing. NOTHING !!!

An electronic beeping filled his world. HIS GRIP METER! Even with his rosary and his technique it wasn't strong enough to sustain this hardcore horse axxxion for so long. The cold stone of the temple caressed his cheeks once more and he was back in the present, alone with the shame and the betrayal. Wordlessly he crawled behind one of the stone pillars and hugged his long, smooth legs to his chest; big, shiny tears rolling down his shotalicious face. If only there were a big strong bishy to dress him in girls' clothes and hug (also fuck) away the tears and the sadness. But he had never needed that before, because he had always had Agro, and now Agro was gone, stolen by that woman who he had worked so hard to please. He had dreamed of women often, those strange carnivorous creatures that he found in rock pools at the shore sometimes and would trap using hunks of raw flesh as bait. How many times had he woken screaming as the giant women in his dreams pursued him and tore him to pieces and shit. Always he rolled over into the hooves of his beloved steed and would cry himself to sleep in Agro's sweet-smelling mane which he sometimes pretended was a wig.

That woman. He remembered the first time he saw her, working as an intern at a hospital. Occasionally he would sneak into the morgue to see what cold, fleshy delights he could find. And there she was. She had the body of an angel. Killed in a ritual in order to placate their Gods, she was perfect. He took her, there and then, spending his load into her, pumping her lifeless corpse full to burst with his load of life-seed. But it was not enough! He kept her for months, treating her as his secret girlfriend, showering her with gifts, of pretty dresses, and occasionally, his lukewarm semen. Then one day he wiped her down, dressed her up and set off. It was not enough, not at all. She must live, lest she decompose further. Her vagina was already beginning to secrete the stench of ancient semen, and also, death.

He slung her over Aggro, and took her to the Forbidden Lands. Forbidden because of the power they held. The power he'd wield. His love was his shield. It lived in a field. It was a love that he'd never yield. Not even for Yvette Fielding, with whom he'd once done a deal. She knew about spirits, and how to heal. He'd paid for the meal.

She shewed him to the place where Dormin rested. Those naughty, naughty Forbidden Lands. Naughty. Bleak and dead and so old, and such. That was where it had truly begun.

The last of his grip meter expired, and with it, the rosary fell from his hands, tinkling onto the cold stone floor. At the same instant Agro reared up in triumph, his mane billowing in the wind, and gave a neigh of victory as he blew his pent up ungulate load up Mono's Castle's front door. Fortunately Agro hadn't found the secret route via the Star Road to Mono's back door yet, but it could only be a matter of time. Wander knew he had to hurry if he wasn't to lose everything, even for a horse Agro had a very short refractory period, he'd already beaten the time attack sex mode and got the Mr. Hands mask. Even so... perhaps there was a way to undo all of this. He looked up at the vaulted ceiling and knew at once what he must do.

It had already seemed like a lifetime since they had all been at school together: he and Agro had been late for their first class, but even so they stopped to pray at the statue of the Virgin Mary at the fork in the gingko-tree lined road.

"Waaah! We're going to be late!" Wander shouted as they ran towards their classroom. "KYA!" he shouted in shock as he slammed head-on into another girl who was also running. They went flying and when Wander came to he saw she was unconscious on the floor, her pantsu showing in a way that made him have a nosebleed and a raging erection. That was truly the first time he ran into Mono... but before he had forgotten, because of the GFs.

Mono. She was like a disease that brought a fever to his glands. He junctioned his love points to his dick size and jerked it that night, jerked it slowly and lovingly, whilst always thinking of that bulge in her panties where her huge vagina lay.

Yes, it would be in those sepia-coloured high school days that he would find the Truth.


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