Games for Children: Flaahgra

Tue, 09/07/2004 — Nice Chloe

Flaahgra is a game for three or more players. It is an ideal activity for a rainy day, as it is played entirely indoors. Firstly, switch on all the lights in the house. Flip a coin or roll a die to determine which child will be the Flaahgra. The Flaahgra is given a blunt wooden instrument, such as a rolling-pin. At the count of three, the other players, or Bounty Hunters, must run around the house, switching off all the lights. The object of the game for the Flaahgra is to switch on any light that has been switched off, and to chase after the Bounty Hunters and hit them with his or her rolling-pin, thus delaying their progress. The game ends when all the lights in the house have been successfully switched off, at which point the Flaahgra must drop his or her rolling pin and be punched repeatedly by the Bounty Hunters until the Flaahgra or one of the Bounty Hunters starts crying. At this point, the lights are switched back on, and a new Flaahgra is selected.


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