Games That Never Were, Entry Dos Mil Cincuenta

Sat, 09/04/2004 — Fasteriskhead

Mania 2050 Starring Grupo Mania

Platform(s): Arcade

Description: The year is 2050. In this not-too-distant future, an invincible alien force known only as G.A.T.O.S. has attacked the earth, toppled the governments of all nations, and enslaved mankind. They only have one weakness: the hard-hitting sounds of Merengue and its greatest representatives, Puerto Rican tropical superstars Grupo Mania. Join Roja Reynaldo Santiago, Alfred Cotto, and the Serrano brothers in their quest to free the planet as they board the last free space cruiser, the Vivir Soñando, and battle against all odds to destroy the alien threat!

Why It Failed: Touting the planned tagline "¡Más Y Más Caliente!", Mania 2050 Starring Grupo Mania sadly never really got off the ground. It was originally born out of Grupo Mania's plan to release a new album (see above) looking optimistically towards the future, specifically the year 2050, and also the Serranos' love of side-scrolling arcade space shooters. Fired up by the inspiration, a short demo of the game was quickly thrown together by some programmer associates of the group and shown to the record execs at Universal Latino in the hopes of securing the funds for a larger project; reaction was mixed, and a small sum was at first approved but later rescinded when it became obvious that most of the money intended for the game was actually going towards extended photo shoots of the group wearing futuristic tight clothing and sunglasses. The project was cancelled without fanfare, and thought dead by all involved. But, shortly after the group's 2002 album Latino won a Grammy, the original demo of the Mania 2050 shooter found its way to the internet and generated a flurry of interest. Various fan-run ventures attempting to complete the work sprouted up, but as of this date all have been unsuccessful. Despite this, the dream of a Salsa/Merengue-themed space shooter continues among fans of the genre.


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