Sun, 07/11/2004 — Sak

Since the dawn of time, humankind has been working towards one, and only one goal: that of death. This particular telos has been remedied throughout the ages by the greatest diversionary tactic that our minds could possibly conceive: games. Games have arguably required less and less of the imagination today than they did during, let's say, the proto-Hellenistic period of Greece -- after all, to Euclid, Aristotle, and Sophocles, geometry, philosophy, and literature were all merely products of their elite status in Athenian society. In modern society, videogames are identified as the most common form of recreation (the exclusion of sports is due to the fact that, in western bourgeoisie culture at least, rigorous physical activity isn't seen so much as a form of distraction or play, but as a form of labor) - however, the activity of playing a videogame isn't as so much seen as an aristocratic form of praxis, as it is aesthetically debasing, and holds little foundational or even pragmatic framework.

We, of the fringe group of radical videogame socialists, Andore JR., hope to change that. Our roots lie deep within the videogame tradition, from the obviously Marx-inspired Kaneko classic, The Berlin Wall to the, videogame socialist hero Bryan's less readily accessibly, yet undeniably brilliant, critique of Capitalistic bourgeoisie culture, Mega Crap (the destruction of Hoe's dick is a metaphor of Capital's wanton destruction of morality, and disregard for fellow man). Using the paradigmatic INVINCO (a favorite of Marxist philosopher George Lukacs) as a starting ground, we can plainly see that, in the words of one Mr. S. Van Pelt, "lightning is a lie perpetuated by the bourgeoisie to keep the proletariat hiding behind their bunkers while the saucermen slowly advance on them."

We're not content to relegating ourselves to the Bernsteinian-like tactic of a peaceful overthrow of Capitalism; our modus operandi is chalk full of pure, unadulterated Stalinesque techniques. Our fatwa has been raging on for years, but it's only now that we've decided to make public our, as some would say, ignoble methods of persuasion. Feel free to browse through our menagerie of anti-capitalist artwork: 1, 2. D-did you see it? These past years, we've dedicated our resources to adding faux spray-painted terms into beat 'em up side-scrollers that will perhaps jostle the gamer, or perhaps even enlighten said gamer to our cause.

W-wait. "Fuk"? "Jazz band"?! I--what are these? I thought we were supposed to be the leaders of revolution; a new age where a person need not be afraid to be a fan of 64th Street: A Detective Story or even a game like GOTCHA. I wanted nothing more than to live in a society, where a person could freely play and enjoy the DECO Cassette system; a world where someone could stand atop the rolling hills of the Adirondacks and play his Virtual Boy without fear of being hastled by a large collective of Polo shirt wearing X-Box players. Perhaps -- perhaps I was going about it the wrong way. The autonomous state of the videogame player may lie within freedom, liberty, and solidarity. If we all start working together for that bright future, no matter how slim the chance of success, well -- well, maybe that's success in itself!

"Jazz band"? What the fuck?


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