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Sat, 08/21/2004 — Fasteriskhead

FFX2 review (posted 17:32 08/20/04)
For those (dumb) people who weren't put off by all the stupid effeminate touches of the first game, here's the sequel which is even worse and which will once and for all prove your homosexuality beyond the shadow of a doubt if you can find some way to justify liking it. We all knew Square was going downhill the minute they put that angsty man-girl Cloud in charge of FF7, but who knew things would get this bad this fast? FFX2 starts with a POP SONG. There's not much further down you can slide in terms of lameness. Plus you've... (Read Entire Post)

Livejournal Sucks (posted 19:04 08/15/04) is where all remaining intelligence on the internet goes to die. I'm not going to mince words here: IF YOU OWN A LIVEJOURNAL YOU ARE A WHINY, EXHIBITIONISTIC LOSER. Seriously, no one cares about how your stupid day went so you might as well commit suicide already, it's not like anyone’ll come to the funeral. Take MEGAN_KAWAII here for example. This bitch broke up with her boyfriend and whined about it for a WEEK. A WHOLE WEEK. And her dumb friends dropped DOZENS of comments, further destroying my soul. Get this, "Meg-chan": NO ONE GIVES A SHIT. Before that... (Read Entire Post)

Anime Dorks (posted 17:55 08/11/04)
Today I went to Chick-fil-A to get my usual 12-nugget meal (which is WAY fucking overpriced btw), and what do I spy? A couple of twenty-somethings two booths from the front, a slightly tubby man-child with long hair, a gay beard, and glasses, plus his overly twiggy, flatchested girlfriend... and the clincher, the guy was wearing a Nadesico t-shirt. Fuck, I was almost sick right there. You could tell everything about them just by looking; ten bucks says one or both work at Suncoast, and 90% of their income goes back to the store so they can buy lame Japanese... (Read Entire Post)

Coldplay Sucks (posted 21:18 08/04/04)
So my shit-for-brains nephews came over yesterday, and what were they listening to? COLDPLAY. Jesus Christ I knew they were a bunch of miserable little cocksuckers, but I must have vastly overestimated their taste prior to that because NO ONE WITH AN OUNCE OF INTELLIGENCE WOULD LISTEN TO SUCH TRIPE. Britain hasn't produced a halfway-decent band in decades, people. Radiohead? Oasis? If you melted down all the CDs British bands have produced in recent years and piled them up into a huge heap of waste plastic, that mass of crap would still be worth more than the albums themselves. And... (Read Entire Post)

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