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Sat, 10/23/2004 — Fasteriskhead

Okay, well, this is pretty much just completely bullshit. I've played through this thing twice, and it seems like there's NO WAY to get the evil victory without killing Jolee and Juhani. I mean christ I'm a goddamned SITH LORD here who can get off scot free after hacking my way through thousands of people in a military base, and yet I can't talk a couple of already morally-questionable jedis into joining my side (especially the cute angsty Russian catgirl). What the fuck. There has to be a way to fix this, surely someone out there on the internet has figured this thing out. OKAY GOOGLING FOR "KOTOR MODS" NOW.

Jesus that's a lot of sites.


Okay so great, now I've got two dozen new robes, a new underwear set, something or other to let a male PC go through the romantic subplot with Carth, and it's all sitting in my override folder. Still no way to convert Jolee/Juhani to evil (plenty of alternate Juhani skins that make her LOOK evil however), which means I've probably got to do it myself. Well, how hard could it be?? I mean I've made some Quake 3 skins and I did some hex editing once on my Independence War 2 save files, this shouldn't be too much trouble.


Okay Christ I

Jesus so it's been about three hours now. Finally with the help of Kotor Tools I thought I had located the little bugger (the unk44_evilbast.dlg file found in RIMs->Modules->unk_m44ac_s.rim->Dialog) and, parsing through every possible dialog option, I had inserted my own carefully-reasoned arguments (presented by the now-evil PC) to Jolee and Juhani as to why they should turn their backs on truth and justice and etc.. But now even THAT doesn't seem to be enough, since it seems the dialog choices are hooked into fucking SCRIPTED EVENTS located in an entirely different file type that I can't even open.


Victory!! After searching the internet for another half-hour, apparently I needed to find the script compiler for Neverwinter Nights (because Kotor uses the same type I guess). So now let's take a look at those pesky files I have listed as needing editing (k_punk_bastadd.ncs, k_punk_bastjoin.ncs, k_punk_bastjoin2.ncs, k_punk_bastjourn.ncs, and possibly the more enigmatic k_punk_evilfinal.ncs and test3.ncs), so I can finally finish this up and go to bed (just passed 3:00 a moment ago). Aaand...

 00000008 42 00000033               T 00000033
 0000000D 1E 00 00000008            JSR fn_00000015
 00000013 20 00                     RETN
 00000015 04 03 0000000D            CONSTI 0000000D
 0000001B 04 05 000D str            CONSTS "K_SWG_BASTILA"
 0000002C 05 00 0245 02             ACTION SetGlobalNumber(0245), 02
 00000031 20 00                     RETN


You know, I think this would be a lot easier if that bitch with the sunglasses wasn't always sitting in the fucking corner there, occasionally turning her head this way to titter at my failures. Also it would probably help if I got a chair of some kind.


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