The Rallying Cry of a New Generation

Sat, 08/07/2004 — Sak

"VINCE IS INNOCENT PIGS" is the rallying cry of a delusioned yet imaginative generation: our own. Taken aback by the mass commercialization of even the simplest of household and common-sense items -- we were looking for something, we just didn't quite know how to put it in words. In the midst of the huddled masses, someone said it -- we don't quite know who -- but the orator isn't important. The message is. "VINCE IS INNOCENT PIGS" brings us a newfound sense of hope, one that couldn't be delivered by politicians or actors or clergymen; its facelessness is an embodiment of the fact that the statement is universal; can be applied to anyone. But the fact of the matter is: Vince is really a person.

Vincent "VINCE" Vinkowski was a Polish immigrant who migrated to the States shortly after the Great War, and found a decent-paying job as a deli-slicer in the Chicago suburb of Rosemont, where O'Hare Airport is located. He lived out his days with his family -- his wife Barbara, and two children -- enjoying a relatively quiet life and with dreams of sending his children to college. Then one day, for no reason, Vince's family was brutally murdered -- although all clues pointed to notorious, yet of a completely facsimilious origin, Chicago gangster Mad "MAD DOG" Dog, Vince was eventually tried and convicted of the murder.

"VINCE IS INNOCENT PIGS" was a quote caught on videotape as Vince was being led from the courthouse to the squad car; it sums up the utter absurdness of Vince's condition --- universally. The utter absurdness of the human condition is what the quote reflects, and Andore JR. salutes you -- with 110% of our hearts.

...Okay, so it's just a quote from the arcade game Vendetta.


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