Tue, 06/22/2010 — Sak

For years, Shouichi "ANGELA" Yoshikawa created tiny nuggets of solid video game gold. Nuggets that, while perhaps not the most polished -- or maybe not even the most fun, are without a doubt some of the most earnest examples of programming and design that the medium has to offer. For over ten years, ANGELA has ostensibly working on an online compendium of his Gesamtwerk. Included amongst these gems include everything from his contributions to video game design -- such as the elusive and lauded Block Gal -- to his video game related poetry and music; including his lyrics and music to one of the Phantasy Star Online games. We shit you not!

One crucial piece of the Angela puzzle has been missing for ten years, however. For ten years, Mr. Yoshikawa has promised his loyal fans a glimpse into the inner workings of a certain mysterious character. With the knockin'-on-heaven's-door legs of Tina Turner, the Italian-so-therefore-ample bosom of Edwige Fenech, and the eyes of, like, every anime character ever, Cherry Grace has been cet obscur objet du désir of the ten year old inside of every man who popped in a copy of "Golgo 13: Top Secret Episode" back in 1988. Though, as if in a Desclosian twist of fate, we have been able to control her body, but not her mind. What makes her tick? What's going on in that big brain of her's? What motivates her blowjobbery?

Only Angela knows the answers, and he's not telling. Until now. We encourage all Andore readers and fans to write to Mr. Yoshikawa at: Please be courteous and kind! Don't demand a Cherry Grace ROOM, but rather, let Mr. Yoshikawa know that his creation was one that we all enjoyed -- and some of us really fucking enjoyed -- in our youth. Remember, Angela holds the key to our destruction as much as he does our salvation.


Sat, 12/11/2010 — p la yer too

iron curtain = code for condom

Sat, 12/11/2010 — p la yer too

the moonlight on the other hand... feels just right

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