Sonic Blastman's Dilemma, Vol. 1

Tue, 08/10/2004 — Fasteriskhead

"Uh, yeah, er. Look, lady, I was happy to save you from that runaway train or whatever... it's like part of the job as a superhero, saving lives and whatnot. I uh, I mean you don't even really have to thank me, I do this all the time. And uh geez stop STARING at me like that if you could, it's kind of freaking me a little. Look, it's really no problem, this is like a second nat-WHOA WHOA WHOA where's that other fucking HAND of yours lady please please you can QUIT that right about now thanks. Not interested, no no no, Jesus Christ I am so finding a rock or something to put you down on right this minute. And I mean... uh... you really can't TELL? Y'know, just from LOOKING at me? The boxing gloves, the scarf, the charmingly retro-futuristic moniter in the chest, the visor or whatever this thing is? I mean, it's not blindingly obvious at all?

...What? No no no, nothing at all, nothing at all. Look uh, I gotta go rescue some other people and uh you know. You can probably find your own way home from here I guess, and uh try to be avoiding those runaway trains from now on. Later miss, uh, whatever."


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