Wendy & the Peace Keepers

Tue, 09/21/2004 — Sak

Yeah, we're kind of like a proto-punk-cum-new-wave ensemble. Yeah, I mean, we've kind of got a Theoretical Girls meets Sonic Youth kind of sound, but with some poppier stuff kind of mixed in. We cover the Talking Heads' "New Feeling". What the fuck do you mean that you've got too many proto-punk-cum-new-wave bands on the bill? There's like four of us in -- what was that? Four billion? Oh, that's hilarious, pal. Why don't you come say that to my face, dickshitter? Oh, you thought us music-types are supposed to be sensitive?

Dude, I was in the Peace Keepers. What? No, not the Peace Corps! Fucking. God, do you even play videogames? Oh, ha ha. You're not eight years old, how long did you stay up last night thinking of that one? C-contingent upon the situation? Fuck you, man! We didn't need this gig, anyway!


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